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"A great community magazine and informative guide to local businesses."

Oven Wizards Bracknell

Oak Tree Publishing produces two monthly community publications a month which are hand delivered by a reliable team and posted through the doors of circa 12,000 households every month, circa 6,000 in each area; twelve issues a year are published.

Established in 2014 the publications are: FindItIn...Sunninghill, Sunningdale, Ascot and Village Life for Chobham, West End, Bisley and Horsell. Packed full of local information, articles, groups, societies, community activities, fundraising events, recipes and puzzles; they have a strong readership. Advertising in these publications is an affordable, effective way to reach the local community. The publications offer standard and premium page advertising with the option for advertorials. There are normally no more than two or three competitors inside, sometimes none...

Why advertise in print?

  1. Oak Tree's publications have built up credibility as they consistently offer readers high-quality content.
  2. Print advertising offers you more choice for your budget by offering quarter-page, half-page and full-page adverts to choose from.
  3. Print takes your business 'to the prospect' where social media relies on the prospect looking for a product/service. Do both to achieve a 'push' and 'pull' effect.
  4. Oak Tree Publishing provides both publications in a digital format to complement the printed version; these can be downloaded from the website or facebook page.
  5. Advertising with Oak Tree Publishing allows you to actually work with a human being when buying your advertising space and not at the mercy of a call centre either, a dedicated account manager who can be contacted by email or phone and will reply promptly.

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